The Canadian Hockey Team Will Play Versus Sweden

The Finland hockey team

The Canadian hockey team advanced to the finals of the Olympic tournament in Sochi. In the semifinals, the current Olympic champion wins the Americans 1-0.

Earlier, on February 21 in the first semifinal of the Swedish national team wins the Finns 2-1. Match for the gold of the Olympic Games will be held on the closing day of the Olympics, February 23. The game will start at 16:00.

Teams of USA and Finland will compete for the bronze Olympic medal. After the semifinals captain of Team Finland Teemu Selänne said he and his teammates could not win because the team has invested too much effort in the victory in the quarterfinals.

From Sochi With Love

Snow dogs

American freestyler Gus Kenworthy expressed a desire to pick up at the end of the Olympics a stray of puppies who live in the mountain cluster near Sochi.

22 year old Gus Kenworthy, who lives in Colorado, won the silver medal in the discipline of slopestyle. All medals in this discipline belong to the US team. On this Olympics more wins in such kinds of sports disciplines, which are the most popular in the U.S. among students.

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